Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fleece Feather Quilt

I haven't had much free time to quilt lately. Between work and Dr. Appointments for both myself and DH I've been very busy. Plus I'm trying to keep up with the Feather Bootcamp Class I'm taking at MQS. Here's the fleece Quilt I stitched out for the class. I've never LA'd on fleece before and I like it. No piecing and no batting just load 2 pieces of Fleece and away you go. I might even do a panto on fleece later. Will have to wait for a sale on fleece although this finished quilt is cheap compared to what a regular quilt would cost to make.
I've also put together a couple of fall wall panels that I've had for a few years. It's too windy to take a picture and I haven't quilted them yet. Probably won't either this year the way it's going. I'll just add them to my closet of quilts that need quilting. In couple of weeks there's a show coming and I hope to find the perfect quilt to make for my brother. They just bought a mini farm. Moving from Florida to NC. I can understand moving out of Florida but the farm part, sounds like too much work at my age. I'm heading to the beach.
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