Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Snowing!

Well the weathermen said it was only going to rain. But here we are with a surprize snowstorm. We've gottin 4-5 inches so far and it's still snowing!! The worst part being our daughter was stuck in her car for 3 hours on the freeway running out of gas and cell phone juice. She finally made it off the freeway and was close to a friend of mines house where she will spend the night. She is simply exhausted having just had major surgery a month ago. I am so thankful she's not having to spend the night in a motel. The freeway is still jamed and there is no way for her to get on this side of town. It's 10pm now, she left her job a 2:30 and didn't reach my friends house until 6:30. Hopefully we will see rain tomorrow, then she can get home.

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