Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm So Sorry

I certainly didn't intend to be gone for so long. I'm so sorry I left my few followers with nothing better to look at this entire time but our utterly ugly cat. Please forgive me. There simply isn't enough hours in the day for all the irons I have in the fire right now.
So what have I been up too?
First off I'm back working at my old job, because my replacement only lasted 6 weeks. You'd think they could find someone especially now, but it's been almost 3 months now and no ones in site.
Since starting my quilting business recently I've done a few customer quilts also. I really love doing customer quilts but I admit it's been a slow start so far. But I really don't want to promote my quilting business until I go back to only working Part-Time at my other job.

Oh did I tell you I got an ipad? It is really so cool. I waste maga hours just reviewing apps at the itunes store. I'm looking for an app so that I can better organize my quilting pictures making it easier for my customers. I've also wasted many hours playing with all the photo altering apps. I really like sketching my quilting designs over a photo of the quilt before I quilt it. I just wished there was a better devise for drawing with,I use the POGO Pen now.

And lastly, I've been practicing quilting without having the stitch regulator on while I'm quilting. I told you earlier I really wanted to upgrade or trade my machine in for the New Gammill Vision because of the new stitch regulator it has. Well I'm trying to justify the cost of this and at the same time asking myself if I really need it in order to be able to quilt the beautiful custom fills I see on so many custom quilts. I keep telling myself I really don't need a new machine, because I could learn to quilt beautiful custom fills on my current machine if I'd just practice micro stippling for a couple hours a day. So that's also what I've been doing in my spare time lately. I actually am beginning to like what I see. I was going to show you a few pictures...but google isn't playing nice right now.
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