Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Farm Fresh Produce

I went out to the farm and didn't forget the camera.
The Plum tree is loaded and just starting to ripen up enough to pick.
Next is kwii. They won't be ready until late Oct. This is the first crop to ripen in 3 years. The winter's here have been so bad they lost the crop. The kwii is about the size of your thumb, I perfer these over the usual store ones. Now if they just ripen up before Winter sets in.
The next pix appears to be Apples, but actually is Asian Pears. Again there Tree's are loaded, and almost ready to pick. They also have
Peach and Pear trees but they've been
harvested already.
Lots of Purple and Green grapes on the Arbor too.
We picked 2 buckets of Blueberries. This picking was nice because we left the net covers off the bushes as we finished picking. Now the rest can go to the Birds.
My car was full of Produce, Sharla will take some to school for the other teachers and I'll give some to Friends and neighbors.

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