Saturday, September 26, 2009

NW Quilt Expo

I went to the Quilters Expo Show on Thursday with my friend Myree. We both did our part to stimulated the economy. Lots of Eye Candy (great quilts) I took lots of close up photo's of the quilting done on the quilts. I can't even imagine it yet, but someday I hope to be able to quilt like the Pro's. To help me out I bought Megan Bests book "Spiral Twists" and her Mini SID ruler. She even autographed it for me. Quilter's Rule also had a booth and of course after seeing a demo of the Nautilus Tools, I decided these tools were just the rulers I needed to enable me to someday be able to LA quilt like the Pro's. I realize I will really need to PPP. But a few more nice rulers and tools hanging on the wall next to my LA will also give me just the right amount of support I'll need on my journey. I also added to my collection of Pam CLarks Books and Stencils, I really like her books and use them alot.
Beings I don't quilt for customers now, I have to make my own quilts. So I'm Always on the hunt for good patterns that have a fair amount of open space for custom type quilting. I found a pattern at the Pine Needle with Flying Geese called "Points North". I'll use my new Pam Clark book "Triangle Tango" when I quilt it. That book is filled with Flying Geese Ideas, Thanks Pam.
I'm also a sucker for quilt kits, I just don't have time to shop/hunt for fabric. I found 4 kits to buy and I already have idea's on how I'm going to quilt all of them when I finish piecing them. Actually I saw so many quilting ideas at the show I can't wait to finish piecing and I've already begun. Underneath all the stuff I bought in the pix above is a simple flannel quilt I'm working on. I bought the kit from the Stitching Post at the show. Hopefully my new Circle Lord Thingy will come this week, plan to try it out on this quilt. I love my Circle Lord.
I bought a Kit and 3 patterns from "A Quilter's Dream" they were up from CA. I really liked their stuff and will watch their website from now on. I bought a kit called "Folkalburst" from Thumbuddy Special. The fabric used is the Show's Theme Fabric by Thimbleberries. Glad I spotted this cuz I like the fabric and the pattern. Plus she had the same pattern made with a Batik also, it was to die for. I also bought an autograghed copy of the New Thimbleberries Book" Basic Beauties". Plan to make a few quilts from this book as the patterns have plenty of open space for quilting.
Now for my big discovery of the show, Books and Patterns by Laurie Shifrin. Although they are Batik, I see lots of potential using cotton instead of Batik. I enjoy looking at batik but I'm not a fan yet. Batik always seem cold to me, and I hate to be cold. Anyway Laurie was doing demo's in the Common Thread booth, she was so warm and cheerful how could one not be drawn to her stuff. She even autographed the 3 Books I got. Yep, I'll be a fan of hers from here on out. I even bought 5 of her patterns, one being a Log Cabin Star type pattern, I just love making and quilting Log Cabin quilts.
The last book I bought was "Star Savvy Laps From Fats" by Ellen Replogle. I really like this series of Books and have made many of the quilts from prior books, I see this book is no exception. I hope I live and I'm able till I'm 100, it's the only way I'll even be able to finish the projects I saw or bought just at this one show.
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