Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Business Now

CityView Quilting is now open for Business!
When I read the community paper today I saw my ad, what a surprise because it wasn't suppose to be in the paper until next week. Oh well, it will work out fine. Good thing the mailman comes early, I had 1 call just after I read it. I have the weekend off, so I'll finish getting the entry ready and look for a flag of some sort. My business is in my home, I was a little surprised when the inspector said I could have a small sign and he even suggested getting a flag. Anyway this day has ended up being kinda exciting. Thanks for stopping in.


  1. I am super excited for you...when I finish something worthy to send you to quilt, I will be sure to let you know!! Congratulations!!

  2. Thank You, I'd love to quilt one of your quilts. That would be so exciting! It always felt like Xmas when a quilt came into the shop to be quilted, waiting for them to pull it out of the bag was so exciting. I love to see what others are making. Terry

  3. Congrats on your new business!!