Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's A Beautiful Day

SPRING IS HERE...for one more day!!!

I Couldn't resist. Sharla brought 1 primrose home from work yesterday, so when I went to the store today I picked up 3 more to put in this really cute flowerpot.
It was so beautiful outside today, Sunny warm and 65 degrees clear as a bell. Sure felt like spring, even looks like spring. The weatherman must be wrong because he says it's going to snow next week. Oh no!! Sharla's already planted her peas and beans. The other beds are empty, her other veggie starts are in the greenhouse in the basement. yep you read it right. Her greenhouse is in the basement. Her onions are planted next door. She's beginning to take over the neighborhood as well as the house. Well I just wanted to show off her Peas...and her raised beds that are ready and waiting. She's been really working hard after work. Maybe next time if I remember I'll take a picture of her worm compost, yes they really do eat the wet garbage, I'm actually very surprised/amazed in fact. Thanks for stopping by today.

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