Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mt. Hood is Glowing

It's 8:30pm and I can't sleep and I have to be to work at midnight, so I got up and looked out my front window. This is what I saw. Mt. Hood glowing a pale pink at sunset. I almost missed the shot looking for the camera. One of these days I need to buy a better camera, but I've said that for the last 35 years. Sorry I included the pole, but I'm in my jammies, I went outside to take this picture, I had to make it quick before the glow disappeared and before a car or two came by. The glow only lasts a few minutes.This view is why I call my quilting business"Cityview Quilting". I have unobstructive views(except for the darn pole)of Portland and Mount Hood right out my front windows. I'll show a picture of Portland glowing the next time I catch it. Just wanted to share this beautiful shot of Mt. Hood. Hope to get a few hours of sleep now. Oh by the way I've been busy making quilts and quilting. I have 6 quilts to share with you soon. The Safrina Collection by Maywood is so beautiful.

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