Friday, June 25, 2010

Another "Patchwork PDQ Quilt"

Here's another Quilt I made recently where I used the pattern "Patchwork PDQ" by Swirly Girls Designs. The panto is called "Climbing Rose" by Sophie Collier. Thought I'd show you beings it just came off the rack. Actually It's the first real Panto I've done using my new machine, A Gammill Premier Vision, it's really a sweet machine and very quiet too. I can actually hear the phone ring while I'm doing a panto.I loved my old machine,
and I'm adjusting to this one pretty well. This machine glides so much easier plus with so little noise I'm having to get used to the "new beat" so to speak. I'm very please with the tension also, I used DK Gold Thread on top and Cream on the bottom. I've been playing on muslin until now testing tension. My other machine produced good tension with little effort.I rarely use the same color of thread in both the top and bottom of the quilt so I need Very good tension. Tomorrow I will quilt one more scrappy sample quilt and then I'll be ready to start quilting the quilts I've made with the fabric from the Serifina Collection by Maywood Studio's. Thanks for stopping by.

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