Thursday, July 1, 2010

No UFO's in the House

Thought I'd show you a couple more quilt samples I've made using fabric from the Sarifina Collection by Maywood. I also added another border to the Patchwork PDQ quilt I posted earlier. Along with these quilts I've finished adding borders etc to 6 other quilts along with making a shopping bag. Now I'm all set to LA quilt them, or so I thought that was the plan, but today I got 3 big customer quilts, so I'll be busy with those for a few days/weeks. Actually it will give me time to consider how I want to quilt my sample quilts. I'm just happy all my quilts are done up to the point of quilting because I have a few more quilt projects dancing in my head...But I hate having UFO's..I don't classify the LA quilting step as being a UFO. I consider LA Quilting to be a "project", just like I consider the Binding Step to be a "project" in itself. I usually do my binding when I go to the beach or any other time when I need to just sit and rest.
Have a safe 4th of July.

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