Sunday, October 17, 2010

Honesty deserves Recognition

Last night Todd, the owner of A Roof Life In Oregon came to my neighbors house to give her an estimate for cleaning her roof. Upon seeing him on her roof I asked if he would give me a bid for my house also while he was here.
I thought our roof also needed cleaned because I could see some moss on our roof in a few places plus it's been 2 years since we last had it treated.
Todd comes over and goes up on the roof and comes back down quickly, I thought I had a big problem! No..he had good news..saying the patches of moss on the roof was dead and that I'd be wasting my money to have my roof treated at this point in time. Can you believe it? I was so stunned, you hear all the time about businesses out to get you. Here is a Man who could have easily gotten a job cleaning my roof. But no he was honest and told me we didn't need it.
Not the end of the story yet!
Beings there was a few patches of Moss he offered to go back up and scraped it off, and while he was up there he cleaned out the front gutters which were full of moss. All toll he spent an hour and a half just before dark on a Saturday night up on my roof cleaning the moss and gutters. Now for the incredible part..He wouldn't charge me or let me pay him. I offered him some very huge ripe Tomatoes from the garden and he was happy receive them.
So if you need your roof cleaned or need moss prevention spray call Roof Life of Oregon @ 503-925-0125. A honest company to do business with.
Thank you.

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