Friday, January 29, 2010

My mini Vacation

Hi Friends. Just returned from a spur of the minute mini vacation at the Oregon Coast. When we heard the good wheather forecast on Monday for the beach we jumped in the car and headed down. I even took my camera but forgot the charger. ..Sorry no pictures.
On the way we stopped at Boersma's in McMinnville. That is who I purchased my Long Arm from. I must say if ever you are within a 100 miles of them it's worth it to stop. It has to be the largest fabric shop in Oregon next to Fabric Depot. Unlike FD it's 95% Quilt Fabric with oodles of made up quilts hanging everywhere. While you are there go downstairs and pet the Gammills. Once I stocked up on my LA supplies it was off towards the Ocean a mere 40 miles away. We stopped in Linclon City at Mo's Famous Clam Chowder for lunch. Had a great bowl of Chowder and was amazed how many people were at the beach mid week in the winter no less. There used to be a great Quilt shop in Lincoln City but it closed a few years ago and I sure do miss it. But my wallet loves it. I can fly through town now without dropping a couple hundred bucks! By this time we are heading South again on 101 a realize we will arrive at our little shack at the Beach just in time for low tide. Gee Whiz we pull into a little wayside to check out the beach to see if there are any rocks (agates) worth coming back after. Couldn't find a spot to park!!!Like I said mid week no one was suppose to be at the Beach except ME!! Finally decided we'd have to park on the side of the road, which we did. Got a 1/2 bucket each of decent Pretty Oregon Beach Rocks and very few agates. My DH has 3 rock polishers since his retirement this has become his hobby. All tole we made 3 beach runs for rocks and did ok but not great. Myself I enjoy walking on the beach and really don't care if it's a good rock day or not.
In the evenings after Jeapardy (my DH favorite show) I was able to watch my Jamie Wallen Long Arm video's. I'd had his Cotton Tracks Video forever but needed a review. Might add it's the best or at least I though until I started watching his new one called "Threadfusion" Now I don't know which is better. But if you are a Long Armer you need both. Threadfusion has 4 video's and in 3 nights I couldn't watch it all. I'm so bummed but sometime in the future soon I must view #4. I learned so much watching each one, notice I said LEARNed it'll take me years of practice to be able to learn to DO what I learned. What I really liked about Threadfusion was that he focused on micro-quilting, there aren't many if any LA video's that focus on this subject, Thanks Jamie.
It was so hard leaving the beach this morning as always, did I think it would be any different this time. No. Now it's back to the Big Red S part time on Monday. And on about March 1st I'll be ready to start my Quilting Business. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I am glad you'd had a good time at the beach with DH...I was happy that I got down there for the first time since October and was glad that sun started to peck out from the clouds and that it didnt rain much during the day. I found one good agate and couple that will be polished by DH in due time.