Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Studio Part3

Part 3: The White 24"X36"boards that are resting on my Long Arm are regular Framed Artist Canvas boards I bought at Craft Warehouse. I have 3 this size and one that's 18"x24". I was looking for a way to protect a quilt left on the frame overnight that I didn't finish. It was a White Hand X-Stitched Queen size quilt for a friend, it ended up being on my frame for 2 weeks.
These Artist Canvas are cheap when they are on sale. I use them all the time and they are very sturdy and keeps the cat from using it as a hammock. Under my
frame is where I store 2 rolls of batting. I unroll what I need over the top of the frame bed then use the track as a straight edge to cut. Under the rolls of batting I keep my prayer bench. When I'm custom quilting at the front of my machine I'm sitting at a high bar stool on wheels. I rest my feet on the prayer bench which is 4' long and because of the length I can slid myself pretty easily along back an forth without getting up. I know I'm lazy. Thanks for stopping by for the update.


  1. You have thought of everything for this room...this is so fun!!!

  2. hello mom, not only are you a wonderful artist but mother also. I am so proud that you final got your business up and running.