Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Studio Part 1

This is the left wall of my studio. It faces the front side of my machine which is a mere 3' away, it's a blessing to be able to have all my LA supplies and tools organized and within easy reach. The 3 vertical Ruler Holders $20 each hold 16 rulers each, they are from

The 10' counter top $99 along with the 15"x48" $8 each white shelves, and the 3 Drawer Units $ 50 each are all from Home Depot. On top of the counter top back splash (can barely see it)I taped a long yellow LA measuring tape, making it so easy to measure quilts now. On the counter top is a Olfa cutting mat 23"x35" this size fits perfectly without any hanging over the edge. On the white shelves above the Counter Top I have my wireless Printer it's so handy yet up and out of the way. Also easy access to my Long Circle Lord Boards also, sure beats digging threw the pile they were in before. The 3 Drawers below hold my Thread, in the bottom of each drawer I placed a CD mat 14X20 $ 6 each from Ikea's. The mat keeps the Thread Cones from slipping around, I also put a label under each cone.

Next I will show you my LA Supply Bookcase and Panto Storage also located on this wall. Thanks for stopping by today.

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