Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finished, What's Next?

Today I finished quilting this quilt for a customer of a friend of mine. I really like this pattern and the fabric she used. I'm really happy for the opportunity to quilt it, as the pattern is one I really wouldn't want to piece myself. One of the beauties of being a Long Arm Quilter is that you get to admire and quilt other peoples beautiful quilts. Ones that you yourself might never have the time nor the experience to piece. Most of the time its a Win, Win situation for the Piecer and Quilter alike.
In returning this quilt to my friend I saw some new fabric and an autumn panel that just arrived. I really don't need a panel nor do I need any more fabric...but I couldn't resist. although the panel should be good practice on the LA, and I have visions about what to do with the beautiful rose wide back fabric...I see a new Bedspread and Pillows... so stay tuned.
Now, What to put up on the rack next? I have a Flag Quilt, A couple of Turning 20 Again, 2 Log Cabins, 3 House Calls and a least 20 other completed quilts to choose from. I really want to practice my feathers and SID, but then again I just bought a New Autumn Panel that lends itself to some really neat quilting opportunities. So once I make up my mind.. I'll will show you next time what I have decided to do.