Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life Got In The Way

Yep, life has gotten in the way of being able to do any Long Arm quilting lately. Although, I was able to make another set of pillowcases since my last post. Plus I happily used up some of my stash doing so. The Fabric has cats plastered all over it. No wonder it was in my stash, I don't know why I bought 2 yards at the time except, it is cute fabric. I'm not really a cat person but my DH is. Maybe I'd planned to use it in a quilt for him? If that was the case now he can sleep on it instead of under it!
I won't be doing any quilting today as I'm going to a Quilt Show out in Sandy Oregon put on by the Sandy Historical Society. I'm rarely able to go to shows or events due to a rotten work schedule. But I do try and make this one and the one in August down at the beach in Newport Oregon. Both are worth the trips.
In some ways I'm glad I didn't get to quilt this week because I found Carla Barrett's Blog. On her blog she has some very nice practice motifs with diagrams for us beginner Long Arm quilters. Lucky me I happen to have a practice quilt on my rack now that is only 1/2 finished. So I'm thrilled I'm going to be able to try them out right away. So hop over to Carla's blog if you haven't been there yet. Thank You Carla for helping us newbee's out.
Have a great day everyone.