Thursday, July 9, 2009

Next Up

I've decided that I need to practice doing Feathers and background fills. I also want to use some metallic thread here and there. Wish me Luck, I've used "Yenmet" and "Superior" Metallic thread on my Long Arm with sucess, but at the time I only quilted a small area. I belong to the MQR forum and Adam showed a sampler quilt using the Turning 20, Again pattern. At the time I thought it ended up longing great and later I'd do the same. So now that I was looking for something to do... low and behold in my closet of quilt tops I found this "Turning 20, again" quilt. Having so many different size areas, it should make a good sampler, although I'm not sure it will end up being a quilt to show off. I really don't care for the fabric plus I'm using muslin for a backer. I'm using muslin so I can easily see and adjust my tension for the different thread combo's I plan to use. I'm not afraid to dink with the top or bobbin tension although I 'm still learning the in's and out's of the Long Arm tension beast. Well if I want to make progress today I'd better sign off for now.