Friday, July 24, 2009

Retirement Quilt

Now don't get too excited, unfortunately it not my retirement, at least not yet. I made this quilt for Mary who was my back up at work. We'd been a team for a several good years. She's been gone for a few weeks now and I miss her already. Good people are hard to come by and so far the fill- ins have just been that... fill ins. Enough about real work. My blog is meant for the good times.
Back to the quilt. It's an all flannel quilt, the fabric is a rose pattern by Maywood. Mary's lucky to get this one, as this is my favorite all time fabric pattern to date. I machine quilted it on my long arm using a Circle Lord giant pattern board. It's a nice sized lap that hopefully will keep her toasty this winter. Anyways have a happy retirement Mary. Hope you have a bit of time to sew. Best Wishes.

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