Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still PPP

I'm still PPP on my Turning Twenty, Again quilt, that's pinned to my rack. I can see, I do need lots more PPP's on my feathers, pebbles and everything else. Although part of the reason it looks bad is my thread doesn't match. I did this on purpose hoping to master tension along the way beings I'd plan to use all kinds of thread. My Ima really loves Yenmet Matallic thread, I'll try superior later. I bought some Sulky at Market I want to try also. I plan to try all my odd (ones I haven't used before) threads at some point on this quilt. I'm going to use Sew Fine in the bobbin with all the threads, this way I have a base in which to gauge the tension settings to.
The picture with Crosshatching is my first ever attempt at hatching. I used my new crosshatch ruler set-up by Westalee Designs that I ordered form Quilters Rule. I like the ruler.
I found a U-tube video about how to make a sausage Pillowcase, the one with the enclosed french seams.I already had the kit but no instructions. It was very Quick N Easy. I think I'll be making more.
Now I'll spend the rest of the day PPP my feathers and a new fill I found called 3's N' E's. I'd seen this fill before but always thought it was a computerized fill. Sew happy to find I just might be able to do it, cuz for now I don't have a computer. Have a Great Day!!