Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hot Pink Off The Rack

This Hot Pink N Black quilt is 85"x111" and it's college bound. Although it's a simple quilt,the colors play so well together it really is a standout. It's the first "BIG" quilt I've done with my New Vision so we bonded a little more. I used the stitch counter for the first time and a whapping 324,742 stitches when into this and I stitched a total 2.11 hours. We all know I spent way more time than that, but I think the stitch count will impress the customer and is something I'll actually end up sharing with them.
I used a new panto pattern called "Novaya Nzihz" by Beany Girl Quilts. The pattern complimented designs on the fabrics. The customer requested a Shiny Thread in Pink. Well I have 7 drawers of Thread and only 2 spools of real Pink..think I need to order some Pink Thread. So I used a Hot Pink Rayon by Metro on top and a Cream So Fine in the bobbin. I'm not sure I'm crazy about Metro Thread, I had more breakage than I'm use too about 2 per row although I had 2 rows with no breakage. Not sure at this point the breakage was due to the Thread or the Machine....but I certainly know it wasn't me. The only comparison I have is Glide Thread, The Glide is a bit heavier and gives a better stitch definition and I never had breakage on my Old machine but I didn't have Hot Pink. So I went online and Glide Thread has a Sale, but If I order anymore Thread  I'll need to buy another Thread drawer too.
The customer who brought me this quilt and 3 others is a new quilter. It's going to be a delight quilting for her..this quilt was mark on square and so are the others and she didn't whince when I said I needed 8" extra on the Backing.
Another feature on my new machine that I was able to use was the Basting Stitch. I used it to baste down the side edges only, and I really liked it and it's was't a hassle to change settings back and forth at all. When I load a quilt of my own next time I'm going to try out the Basting stitch across the top.
I'm really liking the touch Carrousel on the New Vision and actually finding it's much faster and easier to navigate than the buttons on my old machine. I didn't transfer the Carrousel to the back either when I was doing the Panto and I never needed it. Before I bought this machine I was a bit concerned about transferring the Carrousel and would I miss it in back. Answer is No I don't miss it at all and have never felt the need to go back and forth with it.
Sorry this has gotten so long.
Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Safe 4th.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

No UFO's in the House

Thought I'd show you a couple more quilt samples I've made using fabric from the Sarifina Collection by Maywood. I also added another border to the Patchwork PDQ quilt I posted earlier. Along with these quilts I've finished adding borders etc to 6 other quilts along with making a shopping bag. Now I'm all set to LA quilt them, or so I thought that was the plan, but today I got 3 big customer quilts, so I'll be busy with those for a few days/weeks. Actually it will give me time to consider how I want to quilt my sample quilts. I'm just happy all my quilts are done up to the point of quilting because I have a few more quilt projects dancing in my head...But I hate having UFO's..I don't classify the LA quilting step as being a UFO. I consider LA Quilting to be a "project", just like I consider the Binding Step to be a "project" in itself. I usually do my binding when I go to the beach or any other time when I need to just sit and rest.
Have a safe 4th of July.