Friday, January 29, 2010

My mini Vacation

Hi Friends. Just returned from a spur of the minute mini vacation at the Oregon Coast. When we heard the good wheather forecast on Monday for the beach we jumped in the car and headed down. I even took my camera but forgot the charger. ..Sorry no pictures.
On the way we stopped at Boersma's in McMinnville. That is who I purchased my Long Arm from. I must say if ever you are within a 100 miles of them it's worth it to stop. It has to be the largest fabric shop in Oregon next to Fabric Depot. Unlike FD it's 95% Quilt Fabric with oodles of made up quilts hanging everywhere. While you are there go downstairs and pet the Gammills. Once I stocked up on my LA supplies it was off towards the Ocean a mere 40 miles away. We stopped in Linclon City at Mo's Famous Clam Chowder for lunch. Had a great bowl of Chowder and was amazed how many people were at the beach mid week in the winter no less. There used to be a great Quilt shop in Lincoln City but it closed a few years ago and I sure do miss it. But my wallet loves it. I can fly through town now without dropping a couple hundred bucks! By this time we are heading South again on 101 a realize we will arrive at our little shack at the Beach just in time for low tide. Gee Whiz we pull into a little wayside to check out the beach to see if there are any rocks (agates) worth coming back after. Couldn't find a spot to park!!!Like I said mid week no one was suppose to be at the Beach except ME!! Finally decided we'd have to park on the side of the road, which we did. Got a 1/2 bucket each of decent Pretty Oregon Beach Rocks and very few agates. My DH has 3 rock polishers since his retirement this has become his hobby. All tole we made 3 beach runs for rocks and did ok but not great. Myself I enjoy walking on the beach and really don't care if it's a good rock day or not.
In the evenings after Jeapardy (my DH favorite show) I was able to watch my Jamie Wallen Long Arm video's. I'd had his Cotton Tracks Video forever but needed a review. Might add it's the best or at least I though until I started watching his new one called "Threadfusion" Now I don't know which is better. But if you are a Long Armer you need both. Threadfusion has 4 video's and in 3 nights I couldn't watch it all. I'm so bummed but sometime in the future soon I must view #4. I learned so much watching each one, notice I said LEARNed it'll take me years of practice to be able to learn to DO what I learned. What I really liked about Threadfusion was that he focused on micro-quilting, there aren't many if any LA video's that focus on this subject, Thanks Jamie.
It was so hard leaving the beach this morning as always, did I think it would be any different this time. No. Now it's back to the Big Red S part time on Monday. And on about March 1st I'll be ready to start my Quilting Business. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Studio Part3

Part 3: The White 24"X36"boards that are resting on my Long Arm are regular Framed Artist Canvas boards I bought at Craft Warehouse. I have 3 this size and one that's 18"x24". I was looking for a way to protect a quilt left on the frame overnight that I didn't finish. It was a White Hand X-Stitched Queen size quilt for a friend, it ended up being on my frame for 2 weeks.
These Artist Canvas are cheap when they are on sale. I use them all the time and they are very sturdy and keeps the cat from using it as a hammock. Under my
frame is where I store 2 rolls of batting. I unroll what I need over the top of the frame bed then use the track as a straight edge to cut. Under the rolls of batting I keep my prayer bench. When I'm custom quilting at the front of my machine I'm sitting at a high bar stool on wheels. I rest my feet on the prayer bench which is 4' long and because of the length I can slid myself pretty easily along back an forth without getting up. I know I'm lazy. Thanks for stopping by for the update.

New Studio Part 2

The first picture shows the measuring tape attached to the backsplash. Hopefully I won't need to look for a tape measure again. Plus measuring my quilts is so much easier now.
The 2nd picture shows a 17x21 Hard Top Wire Basket Unit from Ikea's $33. The hard top makes a perfect place to store my 18" sq Circle Lord templates. I store my Panto's in the 4 wire baskets below.

The last picture shows a Glass Front Book Case which is located just past the 10' Counter top. The first shelf houses the essential supplies needed for my LA. Such
as Needles, oil etc. Again this has proven to be very
I hope you like what you've seen so far. Next time I'll show you what's on the other side of the room and under my Frame.
Thanks for visiting today.

New Studio Part 1

This is the left wall of my studio. It faces the front side of my machine which is a mere 3' away, it's a blessing to be able to have all my LA supplies and tools organized and within easy reach. The 3 vertical Ruler Holders $20 each hold 16 rulers each, they are from

The 10' counter top $99 along with the 15"x48" $8 each white shelves, and the 3 Drawer Units $ 50 each are all from Home Depot. On top of the counter top back splash (can barely see it)I taped a long yellow LA measuring tape, making it so easy to measure quilts now. On the counter top is a Olfa cutting mat 23"x35" this size fits perfectly without any hanging over the edge. On the white shelves above the Counter Top I have my wireless Printer it's so handy yet up and out of the way. Also easy access to my Long Circle Lord Boards also, sure beats digging threw the pile they were in before. The 3 Drawers below hold my Thread, in the bottom of each drawer I placed a CD mat 14X20 $ 6 each from Ikea's. The mat keeps the Thread Cones from slipping around, I also put a label under each cone.

Next I will show you my LA Supply Bookcase and Panto Storage also located on this wall. Thanks for stopping by today.

More Studio Details Start Now

Thank you for all the nice comments and congratulations I've received since posting about my new Venture and Studio. I didn't realize so many personal friends and fellow bloggers were following my blog. I've received Comments, Emails and Calls wishing me well, most had no idea, although many wondered why it's taken me so long to take the plunge. Your confidence is both heartwarming and very appreciated it certainly has boosted my needy ego. It appears many of you want more Pictures and details on where I got all the great gadgets and stuff in my new studio. I will post More Pictures and Details in a Series in the coming days. I'm having trouble getting kicked off line so I will do a separate post for each Picture. Thank you for your interest, support and for stopping by.

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Business & Studio Make Over

As promised, pictures of my Long Arm Studio. This is the room that houses my Long Arm and where I plan to meet with Clients. It is small (10'x18') but actually quite comfortable and well organized. What more could one want? I hope to be ready
for Business March 1st. Details, Details it's the mountain of details that takes so much time. I'm one who needs to have all my ducks in a row so to speak. Yep, every possible details must be taken care of and done before I can start my business. It's no secret I already own more supplies and equipment than anyone would possibly need in the beginning. My goal is to stop buying Long Arm Toys. I must keep in mind the IRS expects a profit at some point in time. Seriously
I am really beginning to get excited about my new Life venture, like I said before I'm looking forward to the challenges and whatever my Mid- Life job change has to offer. 2010 will be a good year, Wish Me Luck. Thank You for stopping by.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Excitment In the Air

So much "Life" has happened since I last posted. The good news, nothing earth shattering happened at least if it did I've forgotten about it. I've just been very busy with little time to even sleep. Awhile back I posted my day job of 35 +years was becoming more stressful by the day. Well as of January that full-time job became a Part-time job. Yes, I know way back in October I thought my security blanket had been ripped to shreds. But while I was waiting for my replacement to arrive I got used to the idea and came to realize..."Maybe the Big Red "S" was actually doing me a huge favor after all. All I can say presently; Our heavenly Father above certainly works in mysterious ways, Thank you, Lord.
So what have I been doing? What is Next for me? Actually I am very excited!!! It's been 2 years since I bought myself a Long Arm Quilting Machine. I bought this for ME, with no plans to open a business, how could I? I was working 5-6 days a week. Plus my friend Myree had a shop who needed a Quilter, and I fit the bill I guess you would say. Anyway quilting at the shop fed my Long Arm Quilting addiction I loved doing those quilts, even the wonky ones. Every new quilt that came in was like getting a x-mas present, you never knew what was going to be pulled out of the bag. Then Myree had to move her shop home and she was able to start quilting the quilts herself. I just help her out a little bit now. I like Custom quilting and she likes E 2 E best, so she calls when she has a custom quilt she wants help with. Any who....when Life went south at the Big Red "S" I began to slowly realize it was actually a miracle. Now I would have time to do my own Customer's Quilts and let me tell you I can't wait to see what pops out of my First Customers Bag!!! I bet I'm up all night, not being able to sleep the night before my first consulation. Yep, it's offical. I'm going to be going into business very soon. I'm getting all the legal ends taken care of, setting up my accounting system, transforming my Studio, and Brushing up on my Quilting skills in my spare time. My business name will be Cityview Quilting as I have a view of the entire City of Portland and Mount Hood from my Sewing Room. 2010 is sure to be a good year. I'll be posting pictures of my Studio tomorrow, actually later today. Thanks for stopping by.