Sunday, December 26, 2010

New E-Z Glide Wheels for my Gammill

I've had my new E-Z Glide wheels on my Gammill Premier Vision for about 3 weeks now so I thought I'd show them off and tell you my thoughts. First off, I love them. But before I tell you why I love them I must admit I really wasn't having any issues with my old wheels and I thought they were working for me just fine. Heavens forbid they were just months old: and as much as I loved my old Premier Plus I really really Love my New Premier Vision but that's another story so back too the New E-Z Glide wheels and why I like them so much. I love the fact I don't have to concentrate so hard anymore, making sure that my machine is go exactly where I want it to go especially around curves and such. Ya know how once in a while on a curve or a feather plume, or loops etc they had a slightly flatter side here and there? Well NO more all my curves are now perfectly round and plump. I'm able to follow panto lines and curves with precession,  all my loops and curls are even and balanced now, I can hardly believe it. I've finished 6 very large quilts since the install, on one of the quilts I'd used the same Panto as I'd used just the week before on a quilt, but quilting it with the old wheels on, The difference is simply amazing I was almost embarrassed to return it to the customer. My DH could even see the difference. I love to do micro quilting, I can just sit and fill up yards of fabric with all kinds of beautiful micro quilting for no reason or purpose. Oh my pebbles are so round and my curlies are so even and cute. Anyway I really like how good these wheels are making my quilting look.
I do also want to point out so as to not mislead anyone with my glowing report on these Wheels. These new wheels don't make my machine glide any smoother than my old wheels did, Meaning I have the same amount of Vibration (which in my case is slight) than I had with the old wheels. And my quilt tops are still bouncing wildly up and down as before, can't figure out what's making this happen. I've tried every suggestion put before me.
So the bottom line at least in my case is that my machine doesn't run/ operate any better or worse with these wheels on, but the New E-Z wheels allows me to quilt more accurately with less concentration and stress, and the machine moves easier, it feels slightly lighter now; if that is even possible? This is a 'Premier" we are talking about!  The machine also feels more balanced than before, just something I've began to notice and feel although I didn't think my old wheels made my machine feel unbalanced at all...never even thought about it to tell the truth; oh by the way I don't feel I need to add sand bags for drag either. And I haven't had to use a ruler for SID since the install either. Yep I Love these wheels! Yep they ride right on top of the rails. Nope they don't wonder off, just in case you are wondering. Although beings my machine doesn't have a parking wheel or brake like the big kids do, at night I clip a clamp to my Ruler Mate, just in case we have an earthquake wouldn't want it to fall off the track; I can't afford earthquake ins. and can't even get it even if we could afford it. We have on our beach shack though, so we don't loose any sleep over this minor detail. For more information check out These wheels are exclusively for a Gammill LA, Whoops, sorry maybe I should have warned you before now.
Hope and Wishing that everyone around the World has a Very Happy Year, all year.
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

Wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas.

Our Christmas will be very quite this year. I'll be making a big pot of Homemade chili and DH will be making buttermilk rolls. Just the 3 of us relaxing and doing what we choose. I know I will be sewing the binding on the flannel quilt I made with the wonderful Green "Cheater" Flannel from Windhams. I plan to make another one just like it but in the Red Plaid with a Blackish tweed Border. I won't make the Red one as big. The Green one is 92"x108" what was I thinking? My couch quilt turned into a bed quilt. Actually most of the customer quilts I've done lately have been Queens or bigger. This surprises me given the economy. Want to show you Shelley and Misty quilts, both these gals are new quilters of less than a year. They both do fantastic work and are self taught. Misty used a deep purple minkie for the backing on her fairy quilt, this was a first for me. The back looks as good as the front and the pattern she picked was perfect. Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone has a peaceful Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sew Busy

I'm happy to report I've been LA quilting lots of repeat customer quilts and I've gotten some new customers too. What is amazing... well maybe it's not amazing to other well seasoned Longarmer's...this is my first year in business.. but my customers are bring in quilts for Next Year already. My January is almost full, plus I have 2 coming in  February. I truly feel blessed, even as my DH took off for the beach without me.

Here are some recent quilts. Thanks for stopping by.