Friday, July 29, 2011

New Quilt

I just finished piecing my Turning 20 Quilt from Book 5, Simply Sashed. I won the entire collection of Black and White precut's from Studio E at the Fall Trends show. I still have the Jelly Roll, Sweet 16's, Cakes and 5"Squares from the collection to use, but first I need to find "Time" and the perfect pattern.
The finished blocks are 17" square. The red fabric is from my stash.
Using just 10 FQ's {5 White & 5 Black} makes a generous 60X77 quilt.
Went looking for my backing fabric and ended up with this fabulous fabric at a great fantastic cheap price of $3 yd, so I bought the entire bolt. I'm sure I'll find many more uses for it. Just click on the photo to see better detail. I will probably freehand quilt this one, coping and using some of the many scroll designs found in the fabric. The quilting is going to have to wait as I have customer quilts to quilt, and lots of berries need to be picked out at the farm.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Sister's Quilts

We had such a great time at the outdoor quilt show in Sister's that we've decided to go back next year. We booked and paid the hefty deposit for the cabin, ghez now I just hope the national budget passes.
I've been busy quilting for customers so I wasn't able to post more pictures until now. I'm also working on my own Turning 20 quilt from the book Simply Sashed. I won a generous amount of fabric from Studio E at the Fall Trend show so I thought I'd make me a quilt or 2. I'm down to deciding weather or no to put borders on the quilt I'm making or not. If I decide to add border's I will need to go buy fabric for the borders. I'm trying to limit myself to my stash. All post a pic once I finish.
More Sister's Outdoor Quilt show pictures for your enjoyment, Thanks for stopping by.

Hope tou enjoyed the show...till next time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Quilt Finished

While I was in Sister's I purchased a Batik Jelly Roll at The Stitching Post. My daughter really liked the "1600" quilt I recently made, so she took it to our beach house for her bed. This quilt is so fast although it's a little boring too. After binding the last one using batik I took the advice of someone on another forum and used cotton fabric for the binding instead of batik. It was so much easier to hand sew the binding on this quilt.
I was going to freehand quilt this one but went with a Panto at the last minute, I needed my rack for a customer quilt.
I quilted it using Superior's Lava Thread called "Bora Bora" and used a 14" Panto by Lorien Quilting called Fantasy Feathers. I love how it turned out but I just may not suggest this Panto to my customers because it uses lots of thread and takes quite a bit longer than the other ones I have.
I don't charge a separate thread charge and all of my Panto's are the same price, although I'm rethinking this a may change my pricing. Here in Oregon because we don't have a sales tax so our bookkeeping is really simple I we keep it simple.
For a closer look just click on the photo.
I will be posting more Sister's Quilt Show Pictures later.
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sister's Quilts N More

The Stitching Post in Sister's has treasures for both the Quilter's and Knitters. My daughter loves to knit as much as I like to when I find something for her that has to do with Knitting I get pretty excited. Maybe these have been around for awhile but I've never seen one...she really loves it too.

Canyon Creek Pottery is located right in Sister's. They have many wonderful and unique pottery items for any occasion. This shop is on my list of places to visit again next year.
These niffty Yarn Bowls are made exclusively for The Stitching Post.

Lots of neat shops in and around Sisters so I plan on staying a little longer next year.

Might even try a little fishing while I'm there next time too.

As promised more Show Pictures;
To see more detail just click on the Picture.

 The quilts is actually hanging outside the window we are inside

More Pictures too come, so stop by again. Oh what the heck, I'm going to try and add the Paint Chip Quilts, sometimes blogger is naughty so If they aren't here now check back.
Better stop while I'm ahead today...hope they all load. More tomorrow.
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show, continued 3

Quilts N' Coffee

Not only was it a wonderful Quilt show with outstanding weather, I also discovered The Sisters Coffee Company. At the lodge for breakfast I was served the best tasting coffee I've ever drank. It was so wonderful I brought home 3# of Gold, {Coffee}. "Black Butte Gold" is my favorite. I like a good cup of bold coffee in the mornings and Black Butte Gold will get you going. Now on days I don't feel up to moving I'll brew my 2nd favorite, "Metolius Blend".
I also bought a pound called "The Quilter's Blend", a patchwork blend they say. I haven't tried it yet and won't for awhile {don't want to grind the beans yet} but I'll let you know what I think after I make a cuppa.

Next Year I plan to review "Fresh Baked Scones" I had my fair share of these delightful treats during my stay at Sister's.
Now as promised more Quilts.

 "Sorry", A few sideways Pictures

 Hit on the Pictures for more detail

Many beautiful Farm Animal Quilts here

A whole section was devoted to "Tree" Quilts

Yes, This is a Quilt.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show, part 2

 Now we can ride in Style...Another raffle I didn't Win..
Like I said, You find Quilts hanging everywhere
Quilts for every Taste and Style
 Lots of Men seemed to be enjoying the show too
 Click on the Picture to see more detail
 Amazing.. you rarely see the same quilts or Q patterns
 Lots of places to sit and get out of the sun.
Inside the Dime Store, 134 more Quilts are displayed
Just might find one of my quilts hanging there next year
I spotted this quilt a block away..sadly it wasn't for sale
 Impressive Quilt and I really like how it was quilted
We arrived in Sister's on Thursday, just in time for social hour at the lodge. We met other Quilters from all across the USA and beyond, many who have been coming to the show  for years. Actually we were the only newbies present. Afterwards we enjoyed a fabulous Wild Salmon dinner at The Thyme restaurant at the lodge. Later we had just enough time to hop over to the Stitching Post Quilt store, should have known we couldn't possibly see everything in 2 hours, we had to go back Friday night and then again on Saturday night too. So much neat stuff besides Quilt Essentials can be found in this shop including Yarn. My daughter is the knitter in the family, and I actually found her something unique she didn't already have. I will reveal what I bought her later, all I will say now is; she Loves it. For myself I found a bit of fabric I just had to have plus a pattern or 2, but my favorite find was 5 great "Zentangle" books, at a cost I could afford. Being a longarm quilter I've been following this new many possibilities for new back fills ideas to incorporate into the quilting of your quilts.
Thanks for stopping by, more tomorrow.