Monday, May 27, 2013

Quilts Set Free

I've kept busy doing lots of clients quilts, thought I'd show them off.

This one belongs to Sharon, it's finished and on it's way to her grandson in Iowa. I quilted it using Square Spiral panto.

This one also belongs to Sharon, it is totally hand pieced. She wanted it quilted like the cover quilt on the BHG quilt magazine Feb2013.

This quilt belongs to Margaret, she made it for her SIL for Father's Day. I quilted it using a panto called One Cloudy Day.

The next two quilts belong to Judy, she is a new client referred by the ladies above. I love the block she used for making the Alaskan Wildlife panel quilts.

Hope you enjoyed...Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

She loves to sew! finally!!

The biggest news of the year is that my grown daughter has taken up sewing!!! Although she's implied loudly she's not going to make quilts, she has come very close. She'd rather sew fashions and bags etc, but she is taking a quilt class at Modern Domestic just to learn how to make the quilt blocks, oh no not to be used in a quilt! but just so she can use the quilt blocks themselves for other items such as her pillows, bags and whatnots. I have to say she is quite creative and in the few short months that she has been sewing she is already altering patterns to suit her modern eye.
We went to a beginner applique class together, As soon as she got home from class she added decorative stitches from her sewing machine to enhance the elements fused to her pillow. My pillow still sits has 3 balls and 1 stick fused  to a single surface, I haven't even stitched around the raw edge yet. Oh by the way her pillow has a backside too named Clyde.

Sharla's first appliqued pillow

Meet Clyde the backside of her pillow.

WE went to the International Quilt Market last week and she had a blast, oh she has big idea's for us.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's Time to Meet Again

Yep, it's about time! and Thank you for checking in once in awhile. There have been so many obstacles in my life lately...and I never was a super women plus I simply try to avoid stress at all costs. Foremost I have been doing lots of customer quilts, still have a full time job plus we have a roof over our heads, the down side...simple to extra time.
But I'm back, Thanks for stopping by.