Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bad Blogger is Back

I've been busy working too much at my day job, actually my day job is a night job..with split nights off...seems like I just can't get caught up. But I have been quilting and sewing alot. The feed dogs on my sewing machine wore out so I splurged for my first Bernina. Found an interesting sewing shop nearby called Modern Domestic. Besides selling sewing machines they have an area where you can rent sewing space for the day, they provide everything cutting table, irons, sergers etc all you need to do is bring your own project about everything else is there for you to use.
Beings Modern Domestic also gives classes I thought it was time to learn to use my serger that has been sitting on the shelf unused for too long. My first class after the basic classes was How to Make Leggies. This pattern is So quick it only took about 45 minutes to sew and trace with another 15 minutes to hem using a DMS and a twin needle to get the coverstitch look.

I've read many gals also serge the edges of their quilts before sewing the Binding on...I must say I did this on my last flannel quilt...I think I will start serging the edges of all my quilts before binding cuz it sure seemed easier sewing the binding on the serged edge.

I've quilted quite a few customer quilts lately too, although often times I forget to take a picture. The Crossstitched Quilt is 93"x 113", the customer wanted only a light custom so there isn't any backfills etc but it was done all Freehand. I don't wish for a computerized system but on this one it may have been nice. The cute Pink Pony quilt is for a 4 year old girl who rides her own horse all by herself. I've been quilting for Patty for awhile now, she always finds the Cutest Horse Fabrics, almost makes me want a horse too. I Quilted it with Heart of Flutter by Lisa Calle. The strip quilt is made from a jelly roll, I  quilted with Wandering Vines really turned out nice, I'm sure the little lady who gets it will enjoy it this winter.
Thanks for stopping by.