Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brighten Your Day

The quilting is finished on the quilt I showed in my previous post, I used a Panto called Tickle. I really like the gray backing fabric as it really shows the quilting and texture. The binding is sew on the front side only so far, one of these days will hand sew it to the backside.

In the newest BHG quilting magazine I saw a quilt pattern called "Sticks and Bricks". Just had to make one for myself. I used Maywood Fabrics mostly from the Sefina collection which I pulled from my stash. I'm not pleased with a few of the fabrics I choose so I plan to remake this again. It will land on our bed eventually and I might even paint the walls to match.

Now for the Bright Version of the same Sticks and Bricks pattern.
Yep, it really turned out bright. I used 2 different collections of Fabrics from Fine Lines to make this one.

The pattern called for 8" borders although I opted doing just a 4" border on both of mine.
The first quilt is loaded on my rack now, I am currently freehanding a slightly dense design similar to how it's quilted in the magazine. I usually don't go for dense quilting but I did like how it was quilted in the magazine so decided to go for it. The bright yellow version will be quilted with circles or big bubbles not sure yet.
Although I didn't have it in time to cut the strips for these quilts I have since received my Accu-quilt Studio Cutter, it's heaven and yes the adapter for using GO dies works great so far on the ones I've tried.
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