Monday, April 4, 2011

A "Go" Friendly Quilt Top

I just finished this top; all except I haven't decided about the borders yet. Can't decide how wide to make them nor which fabric to use. So far it measures 54"x72". I would like to keep the finished size so I only need 2 widths of fabric or less than 4 yards of fabric for the total backing. I'm close so I'm a bit limited. So far the quilt is Go friendly meaning I cut all the fabric with my Go Cutter. I have the 3-1/2 and the 4-1/2 inch strip cutter, just not sure I want to make the borders that wide or if I should stay at 2-1/2" wide borders. I'll take a fresh look at it tommorrow. Hope to have kits available by this weekend.

I'm planning to use my Bubbles Boards by Urban Elementz when I quilt it. I've sure used my Bubbles boards alot lately.
The fabric is from the collection called Ellie's Emporium by
Fine Lines Fabric

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