Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just Doodling the Time Away

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope everyone had a pleasent feast and the upcoming Holiday Season is met with happiness and cheer.
It's been awhile since I've posted, mainly I enjoy reading other people's blogs so much I simply run out of time to post on mine. I've been busy at work, I'm still working full time (this wasn't in my business plan)plus quilting lots of quilts for my customers which I'm very thankful for. Business is slowly taking off. I've gotten several repeat customers plus referred ones, plus 2 new customers who came to me after seeing a Charity Quilt I quilted for their Church, I truly feel Blessed.
I continue to PPP every chance I get, thought I'd share my lastest Cat Blankets with you. You can see a bit of crosshatching, it's my first attempt using Ronda Beyer's new curved crosshatch rulers. Can't wait until her book comes out, cuz I'm doing it wrong..looks backwards to me. My brother was here on business this week so we had our Thanksgiving Dinner on Monday. So today we will have leftovers and I'll have time PPP for awhile on a new Cat Blanket before loading a customer quilt.
I did get something New and Kool for my Studio, a digital picture frame to show pictures of my customers quilts.
Well blogger is being nasty now... so Thanks for stopping by.