Thursday, July 26, 2012

!!! I'm ready for Class !!!

I haven't made a traditional block quilt in quite awhile so after signing up for my classes at MQX West I decided I needed to make myself a quilt or two so that I had something real to practice on after class. Last year I didn't have anything ready to practice on when I came home, I forgot most of what I learned by time I got a quilt made...not this year I'm ready.

So the hunt was on for a quilt pattern with "Stars" and a pattern with lots of empty background space.
I needed "Stars" because I'm taking Linda Taylor's class called "Star Gazing". I need lots of empty Background space because I'm taking classes from Jamie Wallen and Gina Perkes plus I'm taking a lecture class from Angela Walters. By time my classes are over I shouldn't have any problem filling up filling up the empty space.

It just so happened Thelma at Cupcakes ' Daisies was featuring a new Quilt Pattern called "Bounce" by Miss Rosie's on her blog. The border caught my eye first and then I saw lots of "Stars" with lots of empty background behind the stars. OH my!!! I found the perfect quilt pattern and I only need to make one, how did I luck out? Thank you Miss Rosie and Thelma.
Combining the quilting technices I learn from each of my teachers onto this one quilt will be very interesting...I think...Can't wait until October to see if my Quilting Vision pans out.
I made this quilt using "Memores of Provence" fabrics by Maywood Studio.

 For some of the stars I fussy cut the center square using the fabric seen at the bottom of the stack, it cut/fit perfectly so there was no waste. For a better look at the quilt just click on the picture. And most important this pattern is "Fat Quarter" friendly. I love "Fat Quarters".

And while I'm waiting for October to get here I just might make another quilt just in case I mess this one up. Yep, just might be a perfect solution... I didn't follow Rosie's cutting directions... I ended up with enough border pieces for a whole other quilt....I was wondering why it was taking me so long.
Please don't tell Rosie...but I admit I ended up with lots of extra "Star Parts" too cuz I simply didn't follow the cutting instructions....and her instructions are so well written even a beginner could make this quilt. But looking on the Bright side I have another quilt almost 1/2 done.

Gotta go I have a quilt on my rack waiting for me. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, part 3

Just click on the Picture for a closer Look.

 Came all the way from England

Amazing Stitches

More beautiful and colorful quilts to come. The world is filled with marvelous quilters.

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, part 2

So much talent on display in every theme and color wave imaginable, Thank you.
There's more to come.

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Warning Lots of Pictures.
Reminder; you should be able to click on any picture for a bigger photo and more detail.
These quilts are send from all over the world.
 Our Cabin
 Quilt Shop in Bend
 Block Challenge

 Stitchin Post QS

More Pictures to come.

Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show

I just got home from attending the outdoor quilt show in Sisters Oregon. Another fabulous show this year lots of events, great shops, divine food and beautiful quilts. Met up with friends and made new friends too.We had such a wonderful time we booked our cabin at 5 Pines again for next year. I'll be posting lots of pictures as soon as I unpack so stop by again soon.