Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 Baby Quilts Finished

Janie my customer did a fantastic job making her very first Quilts.

I just finished quilting and attaching the binding to 2 of these cute little baby quilts. No, mother isn't expecting twins but grandma is expecting her first grandchild soon. Beings grandma isn't a quilter, she decided while she was making 1 she better make 2. Just in case for the future grandbaby. Grandma isn't sure she is really going to get into making quilts... but she's beginning to make plans for a next quilt so... there's still hope she'll become a quiltaholic like the rest of us.

She wanted the same allover quilting pattern done on both quilts, she choose this one called "Drip", A Perfect choice for the cute Ducks, plus it looks super on the minkie backing too.

 Also since my last post I've made 3 more Quilts for myself. A Yellow Brick Road and two 1600 quilts They were simple and fast using Hoffmans bali pops. I know that some quilters don't like The 1600 quilt pattern but for my purposes, wanting to make quick quilts so that I have practice quilts to practice my LA quilting skills on it's perfect. Plus when I'm all finished it didn't brake the bank and they make into a great size for win for all.

Can't believe It's almost September, I've been waiting all year for September. Here in the PNW we don't have the really big Quilt Shows like the other parts of the country do. This year we finally have 2, one in September the other in exciting...I can't wait.
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I've Been Quilting

I've been so busy lately. Working, Making Quilts, Quilting for Customers and picking berries and making jam. Oh I squeezed in a short beach trip too. I hadn't been to the beach for awhile and as I drove into Newport, Oregon I noticed a very small sign along the side of the road. It said "Quilt Show" today...well this made my day plus the weather was sunny and bright again. There were lots, I think about 300 quilts plus Jean Wells from the "Stitching Post in Sisters was the guest speaker. Jean gave a very enlightening  presentation about her work plus she actually let us inspect {touch} her quilts. Martha and I recently visited the Sisters Outdoor Quilt show in Sisters and couldn't get tickets to Jeans Presentation there, so this was really a treat for us.
On the home front I made another Black and White lap size quilt with the fabric I won recently plus while I was at the beach I found even more fabric at the Quilt show so I added a bit to my collection. This Eleanor Burns, Orion's Star Quilt is the perfect size for someone in need and once it's quilted {not sure how I'm going to quilt it yet}, do you have any ideas for me? Once it's quilted it will go into my charity pile along with the other one I posted in my last post, actually I have a few dozen almost ready for charity. Just need more time to quilt them and get the binding on, I really need to learn how to sew binding down with my sewing machine, I do attach the binding with my LA now.
The Star quilt is one I just finished quilting for a new customer, it is for her 35th grandchild due in Sept. She's been making quilts for years, this is the first time she has ever been to a Longarmer.She choose an allover pattern called "Plumage", although many customers perfer a custom quilting job for this quilt pattern, the panto she choose looks great. She usually hand quilts her quilts with white thread and she was so pleased I had a Yellow thread that was a perfect match for the front and was shocked when I told her I'd use a Peach colored Thread  in the bobbin to match her Peach backing fabric. She picks it up next week and I hope she is happy.
Well I picked enough blackberries to make a batch of Jelly. This is the first canning I've done in many was so much fun and good too I'll be going out again soon to pick more berries. Our weather has been so cold { I know I hate to say but it has been so cold here this year that the garden is just beginning to produce, although we just pulled out our Candy sweet onions and what a bumper crop... over 200 sweet onions hope they last until Christmas.
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