Friday, June 24, 2011

Show N' Tell

I made this Quilt from a kit which I got from Connecting Threads awhile back. I'm always on the hunt for kits, that once made, will offer me lots of good Longarm Quilting opportunities. In quilting this one I decided to go for a light custom look because that's about all my customers are willing to pay for, although the entire quilt is SID which would bump the quilting price up a notch.
I'm pleased with the overall result except for the borders. Not fond of the stars in the corners nor wavy line piano keys I did along the edges. 
I used my Terry's Twist Rulers in the corners of the 15" Star blocks. I really love these rulers, makes the job so easy when I remember to use them! In the other blocks around the star I used DeLoa's Boomerang ruler at first I was going to crosshatch this area but remembered I needed to keep is simple overall so I just stitched a few lines instead, actually I like the way it looks. The star points I did freehand CC's  and boy do I need more practice. In the braded area between the blocks I did Freehand feathers. I SID around both borders, stars and brades. SID is just something I do...although I never use monopoly type thread, I use whatever color of regular thread best matches the entire quilt. I really don't like to change thread colors so my limit is 2 thread colors per quilts. I don't like to{rarely} frog so I go slow. The EZ wheels on my machine really does make a big difference for doing SID work.
As I said the blocks on this quilt were 15" sq. and for the first time I was able to quilt the entire block without advancing and with room to spare...all because {no name yet}....

Gammill Vision 22-10 with EZ glide wheels and a camera. I was simply so impressed by the iimprovements made by Gammill on the Vision 18-10 Premier model that I owned for a short while...I just had to inquire...if the next step up machine would dare fit in my little 10'x 17' room. Actually all I really intended to do at first was to only upgrade the frame...they say good things happen...well they did and I couldn't pass it up. Used as a Demo machine for a very short runs so quite and smooth my DH can't even tell its running except when it beeps. I could have gotten the new breeze wheel system but I loved the EZ wheels on my other machine so I stayed with the EZ wheels. I'm just thrilled with the entire system and so far it loves and stitches out perfect with every type of Thread I have in my huge collection. Now about the space {footprint}..overall I have more room behind the machine now than I had before, both frames sit 22" from the wall, this machine sit differently on the frame than the Premier did so I have more room behind the machine which is good because most customers want panto's. I've bought a few larger pantos. Although my goal is to PPP and be able to offer more "Allover" freehand designs that can be quilted from the front, plus I'm working towards a lite custom signature to offer as an alternative to pantos.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MQX West in Portland

Is it October Yet? I know summer is hardly here and I am already wishing for Fall! Yep can't wait for MQX West to arrive in Portland!!!!! And to top it off it's my Birthday too!
I've never been to a Longarm quilting show before...can't wait to see what I've been missing out on and to think I live just 10 minutes away. I feel so darn lucky to live so close. I plan to take the MAX rail line to the show each day instead of paying for parking. With the savings I can buy an extra CONE of thread each day. I sure hope I allowed enough time to hit the vendor floor? I've signed up for 6 lecture classes and one hands on class. At first I planned to take more hands on classes but after thinking about it I decided to wait until next year for the hands on classes. I simply don't know what to expect, except I'm planning for a fun packed week of learning, seeing, breathing LA Quilting at it's finest. 
I Hope to meet lots of new friends at the show too. So if you are coming let me know and we might be able to meet.

Between working and doing customer quilts I've been pretty busy. It's taken me awhile but I just had to make one of those 1600 quilts you see posted everywhere. I won a Jelly Rolls at the trend show this Spring and I was just itching to use it. I didn't count the strips until after I'd sewed them together...55 of them where as the directions only need 40...I didn't think I'd ever get the first row sewn and I actually had to stop and make dinner and then it was too late so I couldn't finish sewing the row until after work the next day. It also took me 2 days to see the end of the second row too...that 650 extra inches sure took lots of extra time to stitch. But the end result was wonderful I think plus the fabric was batik so I was able to use a panto I'd been wanting to try out for a long time, it's called "Razor Grass" by Jodi Beamish.
I finished making this quilt just in time...Using "LAVA" thread, I loaded my 1600 quilt onto my new "Quilt Frame" and along with the new Quilting Frame,, it just so happens a new "Quilting Partner" came along's so exciting, wonderful and stitches beautifully. I'll introduce you soon...
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