Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show, part 2

 Now we can ride in Style...Another raffle I didn't Win..
Like I said, You find Quilts hanging everywhere
Quilts for every Taste and Style
 Lots of Men seemed to be enjoying the show too
 Click on the Picture to see more detail
 Amazing.. you rarely see the same quilts or Q patterns
 Lots of places to sit and get out of the sun.
Inside the Dime Store, 134 more Quilts are displayed
Just might find one of my quilts hanging there next year
I spotted this quilt a block away..sadly it wasn't for sale
 Impressive Quilt and I really like how it was quilted
We arrived in Sister's on Thursday, just in time for social hour at the lodge. We met other Quilters from all across the USA and beyond, many who have been coming to the show  for years. Actually we were the only newbies present. Afterwards we enjoyed a fabulous Wild Salmon dinner at The Thyme restaurant at the lodge. Later we had just enough time to hop over to the Stitching Post Quilt store, should have known we couldn't possibly see everything in 2 hours, we had to go back Friday night and then again on Saturday night too. So much neat stuff besides Quilt Essentials can be found in this shop including Yarn. My daughter is the knitter in the family, and I actually found her something unique she didn't already have. I will reveal what I bought her later, all I will say now is; she Loves it. For myself I found a bit of fabric I just had to have plus a pattern or 2, but my favorite find was 5 great "Zentangle" books, at a cost I could afford. Being a longarm quilter I've been following this new many possibilities for new back fills ideas to incorporate into the quilting of your quilts.
Thanks for stopping by, more tomorrow.

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