Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show, part 1

 Our Cabin at Five Pines Lodge
 Quilts were hung everywhere even at the Lodge
 Look close in the center of Pix...the deer out the back door
 Inside the Wonderful Clock shop in Sister's
Just a sample of what's ahead
Although I've lived in Oregon all of my life I've never been to Sister's let alone their Outdoor Quilt Show. To say I was impressed is simply an understatement. Every Quilter needs to experience this fantastic event at least once and I  certainly understand now why so many Quilter's go back year after year. The show itself is Fantastic the town of Sister's is simply wonderful on it's own. I plan to go back just to shop the town and see what else the surrounding area has to offer. Might add there are many divine Quilt Shops on all roads leading to Sister's, plus the fantastic ones right in Sister's. 
The weather was perfect...heard some years it got mighty hot.
I will continue to post more show pictures, I took 375 before my battery died mid day. Unfortunately it died just as I was about to enter the Teacher's Tent where their work was on exhibit for all to see up close and personal..oh my what a site for quilter's eyes and I don't have picture one.
Enjoy and Thanks for stopping by today.

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