Monday, July 18, 2011

Sister's Quilts N More

The Stitching Post in Sister's has treasures for both the Quilter's and Knitters. My daughter loves to knit as much as I like to when I find something for her that has to do with Knitting I get pretty excited. Maybe these have been around for awhile but I've never seen one...she really loves it too.

Canyon Creek Pottery is located right in Sister's. They have many wonderful and unique pottery items for any occasion. This shop is on my list of places to visit again next year.
These niffty Yarn Bowls are made exclusively for The Stitching Post.

Lots of neat shops in and around Sisters so I plan on staying a little longer next year.

Might even try a little fishing while I'm there next time too.

As promised more Show Pictures;
To see more detail just click on the Picture.

 The quilts is actually hanging outside the window we are inside

More Pictures too come, so stop by again. Oh what the heck, I'm going to try and add the Paint Chip Quilts, sometimes blogger is naughty so If they aren't here now check back.
Better stop while I'm ahead today...hope they all load. More tomorrow.
Thanks dor stopping by.

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