Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thimbleberries Progress

I've been quilting on this quilt for 2 days now. Thought I'd show you what I've done so far. Can't really say I've gotten very far...this sucker is huge. But I've finished the first top border. Yesterday I finished the top 2nd border and a bit down each side of the quilt. Doing what I could on each side between the rollers.

I'm custom quilting this using my Circle Lord tools wherever possible. Boy that Circle Lord makes you look like a pro if you're careful. The motif in the brown block is done with the Ginko template. This is just one of many that can be done with that template alone.
In the second pix you can see a bit of the top border, In the area with berries and leaves I'm crosshatching and I'm quilting Piano Keys in the area with Lilies. This same border is on all 4 sides of the quilt. Again I'm using my CL as a guide. The green and white checkerboard is only a part of the 2nd border along with the brown block shown above. I'm using a 2-1/2"
circle disk to do the CC.
Thanks for stopping in...Gotta Go Quilt Now.

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