Monday, September 14, 2009

Finished My Irish Chain Quilt

It took a week, but now I'm done quilting and binding my Irish Chain. This is a quilt that almost wasn't. I really didn'tthe color tone combinations. I almost gave it to the goodwill...then decided it's so b like ig it'd make a great practice quilt.
Now that it's done...I hate to admit... but I like it. I've never freehand quilted leaves before. Don't know why I hadn't done them...but I found they to are quite simple compared to feathers. Frankly I don't think you can ruin a leaf...just look on the ground, "are all the leaves perfect?"No. Some are windblown and tattered, some have been walked on. Some have even been rained or peed on. Others just lay in a pile of mush cuz they've been driven over and squished. Now if my leaves were to appear squished I'd surely pick them out. But I rarely pick out my mistakes...all my quilts are for practice so I strive for perfection, but do not sweat imperfections. Thanks for stopping in.

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