Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Stressed out at work...enough said. Now for the fun stuff I've been up to. I'm working on this 86"x102" Green Colorwash Chain quilt.

I've been at it every chance I get. It seems to have miles and miles of CC's, thought I'd get those out of the way then go back and do the borders with Vines N Leaves. I wasn't sure at first what I was going to put in the focus showcase blocks.I knew I'd have to draw my own design because the blocks are 20" sq. and I knew I didn't want feathers. Then it hit me as I was looking at a clotheshanger of all things...I could do 4 branches/vines that connect in the center, the outer part of the branch would be shaped like the hook of a clothes hanger. Now that I have this all figured out I'm on a roll. Stay Tuned for the finished result. Plus I'm going to the Fall quilt market this weekend hope to find/buy lots of goodies.
Tomorrow I'm going out to Moms...does she ever have tomatoes...why she planted 30 plus bushes for just her and dad I don't know but I think she obsessed with tomatoes. If I'm lucky the Plums will be ready to pick and the pears are still coming on so I should be able to get more of those also. If I remember and it's not raining I'll get pictures of the chickens and Pechee. Thanks for stopping by,

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