Thursday, February 25, 2010

Circle Lord Playtime

I'm taking the Circle Lord class series at MQResources. This month's series is on the Giant Zig-Zag Template. Although I knew these boards could be used in many different ways for long arm quilting; until now I hadn't really played with them to much. I loaded 2 yards of muslin when the class began and I barely have enough room left for the last class. I haven't even scratched the surface making all the different designs that one can do, let alone the combinations designs made by mixing the two. Deb showed us lots of ideas too; how to embellish the initial patterns; here again I haven't even started to do that yet. I've use this board quite abit and have posted pictures here. But now I'm beginning to see great potential using the board for some very cool border designs also. Will post pictures as I get the quilts. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I am so inspired by your circle lord posts. Now I want them (of course).

  2. Hi Teri, Yep I love it too. It's the best quilt toy investment I've made. I use it somewhere on about every quilt I do. Now learning how to use the ZZ board for doing borders is just icing on the cake.