Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why I need the Vision

Today I played with the CL Zig-Zag Board again. I'm sure I'll be using this board for doing lots of borders from here on out. I already use it quite a bit for E2E. I just didn't get the concept of using the hole plate to create really cool designs. Actually I got the concept but in my head I thought it'd take forever, so I didn't bother until taking Debs class at MQR.

My playtime was two-fold today; I did everything without the stitch regulator being turned on. Why would I do that? Because I thought maybe I could talk myself out of trading in my perfectly great machine for a new Gammill VISION model. Thinking if I could just learn to do the detail work without the stitch regulator being on, I wouldn't even NEED the Vision. But by the end of the day I realized I really do Need the new Vision machine. Just being able to check the stitches underneath with a camera is one good reason. Stop by again and I'll have more good reasons why I need the new Vision.

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