Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Vision

I talked to my dealer he will have a Vision at the quilt show in a few weeks. Can't wait to try it out. Eventually I will upgrade. I'm so busy getting my quilt business up and running along with learning a new job at work. All will fall into place in due time. In the mean time I already have a perfect machine. Here's a picture of my lastest quilt. It's 65" square. I used the Circle Lord's 48" crosshatch Long Boards to do the crosshatchedBorders, used their Spiral Template in the 6" blocks. The circles you can barely see in the center are also done with the CL tool. I used the Long Gam-Guide Ruler by Gammill to do the lines out from the center. I've had the Gam-guide ruler since I bought my machine and I'm just learning to use it. Actually It's a very cool tool. I have another quilt on my rack now and I'm using it again along with other Circle Lord templates I have. Might be awhile before I post it because I' going to try my hand at backfilling, I just can't get the hang of McTavishing so I'm trying to come up with something similar to do instead. Thanks for stopping in.

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